Best sports betting site in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the beautiful nations in the world. Its geographical formation and beauty attracts a massive number of tourists from all around the world. The country is build comprising 17,500 islands. Islands like Bali and Jakarta are famous tourist destinations.

Though it is famous amongst foreign tourists, the country holds a very strict rule against gambling of all forms which is completely banned in Indonesia. Countries Strict Islamic law has been the driving force behind this ban.

Online Betting

Online betting is the most trending form of gambling nowadays. This is 21st century you can gamble and place a bet from any part of the globe you just need a computer, tablet or a smart phone and access to internet. You just need to register with the Bookmakers (websites) and deposit money in the account and you are ready to bet. Sports betting in Indonesia is something we all know about.

How legal and safe is it to bet Online?

The online betting is completely safe and they are registered bookmakers with a valid license. They strictly follow the country laws and. They are not the illegal betting syndicates which run in Indonesia. The Betting on this registered website is fair and clean and there is no chance of being fooled. All the transactions which are placed online are recorded and tracked.

Sports Betting Indonesia

There are number of online betting sites like M88, Dafabet and others. All these websites are legal and safe for online sports betting. Most of these betting sites offer betting accounts in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). The best example is M88 and Dafabet. They offer betting on famous European leagues such as English Premier League (EPL), La Liga BBVA, Italian Serie A and UEFA Champions League. They also cover Asian football including Indonesia Super league (Liga Super Indonesia) and Indonesian Premier League (Liga Prima Indoneisa).

How to proceed with Online Sports Betting

Online betting starts with depositing money, this is called as posting up. The Bookmakers operate on this post up and lets you bet on the amount which is already there in your account. Once you place a bet your stake is removed from the post up, if you lose the bet nothing else happens. If in case you win, the stake is added back to your account including the wining amount from the bet. If you are still not sure how to Get Started With Sports Betting, you should visit this page.

M88 the Pioneers of Online Sports Betting

M88 is an excellent website for online sports betting, this has been functional from past 10 years and has a license from Philippines. This is one of the leading online betting companies managed to bring a very wide array of online sports betting under one website. They are headquartered at Gibraltar and have managed to spread their business all over the globe.

M88 offers lot of benefits for online betting. They offer bonus of around 20% to each new member on the website. The cash can be withdrawn at will. You can withdraw cash whenever you want without any restrictions.

The Financial transactions are very simple and user friendly on M88. Their transactions are carried out in multiple currencies Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), US Dollar (USD), Yuan (RMB), Euro (EUR), Ringgit (MYR) Baht (THB), Dong (VND), Australian dollar (AUD), and Yen (JPY). These transactions are mostly seamless and you won’t face any issues.

If at all you face any obstacles while carrying out any transactions, they have a 24/7 customer support available for support. They can assist you on live-chat on the website, email and telephone. They are available in English, Japanese, Indonesian, Thai, Hindu, and Vietnam.

The deposits can be done through various mode like online bank transfer, Quick Transfer, Skrill, international bank transfer, poly Direct Debit, Western Union, MoneyGram, NETeller, credit cards and direct debit.

Along with sports betting you get an access to a wide range of other betting games like blackjack, PaiGow, poker mahjong, cards, video poker, keno, and a variety of other poker games. Choose anything and everything that please you on this website. You just need access to a PC or any handheld device and you are ready to bet.

M88 is the best online sports betting site in Indonesia regardless you are a professional player or not, you can surely test your luck here.