The making of the sports betting expert

How many times have you thought earning from betting is easy, well easier said than done? But not if you are determined to learn the rules of the game. One such opportunity looks like sports betting. Having said that this double edge sword can make or break your career as a bettor. Truly it requires detailed research, guidance and loads of time to learn the ropes. Well if you think reading an article or two on the net is going to be tuitions enough the make you the betting genius, think again. But surely some of these tips may help out.

Learn the jargons

Learning the language of betting is the first name of the game to get into the depth of this subject. It’s imperative to learn the correct terminologies, like home field, downtime, injuries and other emotional factors. These are the baby steps required to plunge into the trade. Get a book which teaches you the basics and study it thoroughly. It’s like learning jumping before you take that big leap.

Learn to handicap games

Want to learn the smart betting strategies? While placing successful gaming bets there are two most important factors that work. In-depth knowledge of the team you are betting for and the competition teams, patience and latest updates on the game. This art is called “handicapping games”. Learning it is the very initial trick to making the betting business a fortune. Handicapping a game calls for knowing the in and out of each team player, history, statistics and past performances. Even after gaining expertise on this, it is not as easy to make quick profits. One more significant factor contributing is to get one-upmanship on the opponents. Chasing up news and recent history, catching up with hidden factors affecting the wining of the teams clubbed other factors like injuries, suspensions and weather effects also play a role.

Shopping for lines

Shopping for a cheap wager is also as important as handicapping the game, open multiple accounts in sports books to get the best bet.

Here are some quick tips for success.

Gather information from the correct sources.

Don’t trust touts and history blindly. Touts can misguide and history can mislead. What happened last time might not be replicated. Gather information by research and your own study rather than depending on the above two.

Look for the best value in a “bad” team.

Best gamblers should be looking for the bets that give them best value rather than going for the conventional market reviews. Sometimes a so called bad team might prove to be good betting against a point spread. Go against traditional beliefs to bet on a bad team at times it might make you win.

Learn to say no

If you want to be an expert sports gambler you need to look for bets that give you the best value, or find the games (daily game reviews) on which the bet is successful at times it’s crucial to turn down a wager and pass it on. High value bets are mostly on large point spreads, mainly when a strong team is playing against a losing one the spread becomes absurd.

Avoid the gut feeling

There might be teams you loved to watch while you were a kid. That does not really give you a guarantee to win a wager on the favorite team. If your thought process is biased for the team you might end up just going by your gut feel and lose money. Go by other important fact to bet on the team rather than the love for those player which you harbored in yester years.

Brush upon your sport knowledge.

The current lineup, injury reports, sports news, betting forums, newspapers will help. A high value bet might turn out to be a flop show with your lack of knowledge of following teams that you might like to wager on.

Nationally hyped games are not always the right bets.

Look for value not hype. Sports books always show popularly hyped games and ones getting national attention have always been over positioned by best brand advertisements and publicity. Be careful while you wager for high profile games or you might end up losing a lot of money.

Do not ignore online forums.

Social media is a boon when it comes to online forums for discussions, use it to the best of your ability. Here you are not only restricted to people from your own network but all across the world. These discussions might have a lot of free tips for the gambler. Join them, participate in chats, follow observe and study the trends. Betting discussions can help you a lot in choosing the right team to wager your bet.

Sports channel might not be your best source to information.

Popularized sport channels like ESPN might just be a source of entertainment not information. Go slow and careful to follow them. Trust your research more than the news.