Moneylines as a Platform for Sport Betting

Online sport betting is an enjoyable activity that deals with spreads and adds. Moneylines is a good venue for a more exciting approach to sport betting. When using Moneylines as your platform in sport betting, you’d be dealing with odds instead of spreads. Moneylines offer a number of advantages and since there’s no point spread to be encountered, you can easily make a win.

Understanding How Does the Money Line Work

The simplest way to understand how moneylines work is that you’d be focusing to the inferior team because this is where money pays out more. Hence, there are more risks involved. All sports use Moneylines however, it\s more commonly used in hockey and baseball betting. If you’re a hockey or a baseball enthusiast then Moneylines is a great spot for you to exercise your skills in sport betting. The most important factor you need to know is that you’ll be betting on the odds.

To give you a clearer picture, here is how to calculate money line bets:

Detroit Tigers +150

Boston Red Sox -160

These figures are explained this way. If you see a plus sign (+) before the number, that amount is what you can win if you risk $100.

On one hand, if you see a negative sign (-) in front of the number, that amount is what you are to risk in order to win $100.

As you can see, Detroit Tigers has +150; therefore, you can possibly win $150 when you risk $100. For Boston Red Sox, you’ll have to lay or risk $160 in order to win $100.

From the figures above, there’s heavier weight on Boston Red Sox over the Detroit Tigers. Remember that a matchup is listed in such a way that the road team is found at the top while the home team is at the bottom.

Know the Pitfalls

One of the drawbacks in sport betting using Moneylines is that there are too many favorites. This goes to show that you cannot win long term in this kind of system especially when you’d be competing with professional sports bettors. Their expertise will surely gather all the wins.

Take a look at this scenario. Matt Cain is pitching for the Giants at a -200 favorite. This means that you will be risking $200 to win $100. If Cain loses, this means that you lost 2 holes therefore, you need to win 2 games more so you can call it quits. It is worth noting that even the favorites lose. Thus, you shouldn’t put yourself in such risky position.

Moneylines and Other sports

Moneylines also apply to basketball and football. Whether you’re betting for a home team or road team, it pays to analyze previous game performance first before making a bet. Consider the underdog and use Moneylines as your betting platform. It is simply risking a smaller amount to win a higher amount. If you think the underdog has great potential, then you’re safe to be in that position.