The Application of Parlays in Sport Betting

Haven’t heard about Parlays yet? Well, here is the simplest way to understand the Parlay betting system. Parlay is also labeled as combo or accumulator. Since Parlays is associated with these terms, other wagers are involved or connected with your bet. As a single bettor, you will be linked with other bettors who are betting on the same team. What you can expect in this kind of platform is that there are higher payoffs that can be enjoyed. However, when one parlay loses, the entire group loses. In the case of a ‘tie’, the odds are reduced and the parlay regresses to a lower group.

How Does Parlay Works

Parlay is a betting game that allows you to possibly obtain a huge payoff even with just a small wager. For example, if you choose to have a four team parlay, 0-4 has no difference with 3-1. In order to be at a winning spot, all four teams must win or at least have a tie.

Basic types of Parlays

Parlays are divided into two types: those who wagered against the money line and those who wagered against the point spread. The difference between these two schemes is on the payoff method. Payoffs are fixed in parlays using point spreads while payoffs depend on the odds of each team when using the money line.

Below is a Typical Odds Chart

No of teams Parlay Payoff
1 1 to 1
2 2.6 to 1
3 6 to 1
4 10 to 1
5 20 to 1
6 40 to 1
7 75 to 1
8 100 to 1
9 150 to 1
10 300 to 1

Using this chart as a reference, parlays betting odds is calculated in this way: if you waged on a five-team parlay, you can win $20 for every $1 if all these games win. As you can see, the probability of gaining much money is displayed in this kind of betting system. This is why many sports bettors prefer parlays over other sport betting schemes.

Parlays can be complicated if you do not understand how the computation goes. This is also true if you are just a newbie in this kind of industry. Hence, you will need a parlay calculator to make things simple and easy. Confusion can sometimes lead to losing on a bet especially when figures are involved. By keeping yourself equipped with a reliable tool, betting can be much easier.

Sport betting is just like gambling where risks are involved. If the system seems too complicated for you to understand, then do not attempt to engage in such activity. However, if sport betting is your cup of tea, then parlay is just of the platforms that you can use.