Why Sports betting is the oldest form of gambling since ancients

If you want to know the exact date or time of the origin of sports betting, It is very difficult, but expert says, it has been around with us from a very long time. Some even say betting on sports is one of the oldest form of gambling on the planet. The oldest civilization like the Greeks and Romans were also engaged in this practice of sports betting.


Romans emperors were widely known placing bets at the circus or at the chariot races. They have enjoyed gambling for many years. Some believe that the Romans must have adopted the habit of Greeks after that betting on sports turned into a business. It was in the 19th century in the United States that betting on sports become popular. Here in America, now this sports betting has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry.

But one thing is clear; this home of the Olympic Games, Greece often receives the credit for the origins of sports betting.

Sports betting hasalso become popular in England, where the most popular game where people put their bets was horse racing. Mainly in Europe, sports betting isvery popular and turned into a huge business.

Popular Scandal of Sport Betting

Where there money is involved, there will always some illegal activity follows. Most famous sports betting scandal happened in 1919, where scandal knows as” Black Sox Scandal” Occurs. It is considered as one of the biggest spots scandals of all the time. It happens when Chicago white sox faced the Cincinnati Reds in the white series. Professional gambler name Joseph Sullivan paid 10000 dollars each of the eight members of the white Sox t fix the World Series. They were all caught and all the eight members were banned for the rest of their lives.

Business of Online Sports Betting

In modern times, sports betting experience a massive boom in terms of money and popularity. Now, people don’t need to go outside for heavy sports games. All they need now is one internet connection and one online sports betting platform like Dafabet where they can easily place their bids on their favorite games.

One of most preferred activity in online sports betting “Live Betting”, here you can easily see the line changing in real times that helps in making right decisions on placing bids.

The biggest benefit of online sports betting is you can place bets on every sport all over the world. Another thing,online sport betting platforms also offer free money for new players to sign up and take a free trail.


As long as sport is there people will bet on them whether they are illegal in your country or not. However,sports betting has changed a lot in the last two decades. We don’t recommend this business on sport betting to any children, you should play this betting if you feel lucky enough or you have enough money to waste. It’s not easy winning sports betting, but you can try at once.

But once the thing is clear you can’t ban sports betting. As long as humans are there on Earth, they will play bet on sports.